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18 - VBOX 3i Firmware-Upgrade

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Occasionally Racelogic releases new versions of firmware (internal code) for VBOX 3i products, often to introduce new features. New firmware is loaded into the VBOX 3i using a computer and a CF card.


The latest firmware upgrade file for the VBOX 3i is available from the VBOX Automotive website.

If you need the latest update file, download it from the website and copy it to your CF card

How to upgrade the firmware


  1. To upgrade the firmware power the VBOX 3i and wait until the box has fully booted (GREEN PWR LED).
  2. Insert the CF card containing the upgrade file.
  3. Once the upgrade is complete the VBOX 3i will beep twice and resume normal operation.
  4. Once the upgrade is complete the upgrade file will be erased.
  5. If the upgrade fails for any reason the upgrade file remains on the card and the VBOX 3i retains the previous version of firmware.


Once the firmware upgrade has completed successfully, the VBOX 3i should be power-cycled before use.


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