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02 - VBOX Sport Battery and Charging

Check battery level 

To check the remaining battery time, briefly press the power button. The LEDs will then illuminate to indicate charge, with each LED representing 25% of remaining charge.


75% battery remaining



Charge the VBOX Sport using the provided USB cable, connected either to a powered USB port or to the optional in-car 12v charger. During charging, the power LED will slowly flash.  Once the internal battery of the VBOX Sport has been fully recharged the Power LED will change to a double flash. This should take no more than 4 hours.

NOTE: The power LED double flashing indicates the unit is no longer accepting charge. Normally, this is due to the battery being full. However, this can also indicate that the unit has an inadequate power source or the battery is not charging at all.  To determine this, please check the units charge as per the 'check battery level’ section above.



Fully charged, the VBOX Sport will provide a minimum six hours battery life, but in typical use this can be in excess of eight. 

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